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Digital Design for websites, banner campaigns, landing pages, social media campaigns.

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Corporate Identity

Logos, corporate identity, digital style guides, business cards, stationary.

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Editorial cartoons, web comics, illustrations, infographics.

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WordPress Websites

wp logoI’m sold. It took a while, as I had been building websites using Notepad for years and years. The freedom you have designing every pixel of your website yourself was the main reason why I stuck to that formula. After playing around with WordPress the first time, I was not convinced and felt like I was giving up the liberty of deciding what goes where and exactly how it would be displayed.

A couple of years went by and a small army of developers have transformed WordPress into a very powerful tool . The difference in amount of time needed to hand code every single detail for a website is simply insane compared to the swift process offered by WordPress.

It’s by far the quickest and cheapest way to build a basic professional website. WordPress allows you to add all kinds of functionality to your website, such as statistics, email forms, the freedom to build your own pages, interact with your target audience and much, much more. Never run into cross browser issues again where for instance your website looks absolutely ace in Mozilla but doesn’t even work in Explorer! Adaptive design for mobile, tablets and desktop. A ton of plugins to tweak and tune functionality or design. They’ve won me over. I’m a believer.

Ask me what a WordPress website could do for your organization.

This website will always be under construction

Building a website is rarely a process with an ending. Sure, you can have a deadline and you want to go live at some point, but there is always something that can be improved. My deadline for going live with the site was today and already I can think of at leas ten things that should be completely different.

In the last 20 years working as a web designer I have never enjoyed a period longer than 10 minutes thinking my website was finished. It is a continuing battle to tweak and optimize user interface, interaction design, graphic design, text, flow, technology, search engine optimization, and everything else that comes to show. Meanwhile I have to serve my clients, take care of bookkeeping, acquisition, after sales and have coffee with my mother in law.

My own website is often very low on the to-do list and therefor always and structurally in need of work. This is what I have learned over time myself, but also what I like to tell my clients in the very first meeting: “Your website will never be finished. It just has to go live at some point, but then the real work starts.”

It is my intention to establish a long term relationship with my clients and guide them in the necessary steps of building and maintaining their website. Over the last two decades I have collected a huge network of professionals able to tackle virtually any web related problem you can throw at us.